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What to expect when you are expecting

A classic among pregnant women.

Baby Basics: How to Change a Diaper

Chorionic villus sampling

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a form of prenatal diagnosis to determine chromosomal or genetic disorders in the fetus. It entails getting a sample of the chorionic villus (placental tissue) and testing it. CVS can be carried out 10-13 weeks after the last period, earlier than amniocentesis (which is carried out as early as 14-16 weeks).It is the preferred technique before 15 weeks
Use as early as 8 weeks in special circumstances has been described.
It can be performed in a transcervical or transabdominal manner.
Possible reasons for having a CVS can include:
• Mother's age of 35 years or greater
• Abnormal first trimester screen results
• Increased nuchal translucency or other abnormal ultrasound findings
• Family history of a chromosomal abnormality or other genetic disorder
• Parents are known carriers for a genetic disorder
CVS carries a higher risk of harming the fetus than amniocentesis (miscarriages occur in around 1 in 100 to 1 in 200 cases with CVS, versus around 1 in 1,600 with amniocentesis. Apart from a risk of miscarriage, there is a risk of infection and amniotic fluid leakage. The resulting amniotic fluid leak can develop into a condition of low amniotic fluid level. If not treated and the amniotic fluid continues to leak it can result in the baby developing hypoplastic lungs (underdeveloped lungs). Additionally, there is a risk of CVS causing digit-reduction defects in the fetus if performed before 11 weeks (0.07%-0.10%).[5]
It is important after having a CVS that the OB/GYN follow the patient closely to ensure the patient does not develop infection.
A small percentage (1-2%) of pregnancies will have confined placental mosaicism, where some but not all of the placental cells tested in the CVS will be abnormal, even though the pregnancy is unaffected. Cells from the mother can be mixed with the placental cells obtained from the CVS procedure. Occasionally if these maternal cells are not completely separated from the placental sample, this can lead to discrepancies with the results. This phenomenon is called Maternal Cell Contamination (MCC).[6] CVS cannot detect all birth defects. It's used for testing chromosomal abnormalities or other specific genetic disorders only if there is family history or other reason to test.

My personal experience:

As I explained in my case the sampling was performed trascervically. The hole thing took no more than 15 minutes. It is almost painless, just like a normal Pap test. Its, uncomfortable and you have to add the fact that you´ll find yourself very stressed thinking about your baby´s wellbeing. Choose carefully your doctor and you´ll be much more relieved.You must stay in bed and make no effort for at least the following three days. The results are ready in 48 hours. Seems quick but when you are in bed waiting it feels eternal.

Good Luck!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


"MRS, everything is just what a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hang on can I know the sex of the baby?? ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITs celebrating time. The best way to do so...SHOPPING.

The first things I got my baby were bought in El CORTE INGLES, the one next to my office. I was so happy I wanted to buy the whole store.


We finally went though all the posibilities in our heads and we reached the conclution that whatever we decided later on it was better being prepared.

We decided to do the test. We scheduled the test and prepared the money, cause of course this was an extra charge. 950 euros to put in risk your baby. The bright side: if everything goes fine you can relax the rest of the pregnancy and above you get to know really soon the sex of the baby.

I haven´t told anybody at my office about my pregnancy and after the test I had to stay in bed for at least four days. We scheduled the test for a Wednesday and missed to go to work for 2 days. I told my boss I was "ill".


My husband came with me and stayed though the whole thing. It was really quick and almost painless. The previous days I tryied to find out in you tube and didn´t really get much information.

Dr Delgado did the test and he only took around 10 minute for all of it. (I´m considering undressing also)It´s really much more what goes though in your mind and the responsability you feel than anything else. Its quite stressfull to think your future child is in risk ...

When I left the office the doctor told me to check I had no deep bleeding (some small stains are normal) or temperature.In seven days tops I would receive a call indicating theresults.

Thank God 4 days went by and everything was in orther. Now I had to wait for THE PHONE CALL.



As an architect a tend to plan everything, unfortunately (or fortunately I should say)later on you´ll see that sometimes life teaches you that we have a greater planner above us...

I had chosen my ginecologist at Teknon, I had gone though a complete check up, was on prenatal vitamins, I was ovulating and we were both very happy doing our homework...

After 4 pregnancy test taken days before I should have, the best news was here: we were finally expecting!! (on our first attempt!)

As soon as I knew this I called my doctor but she told me it was way too early for a
ecography. I would have to wait at least till 8 weeks pregnancy.

WeeK number 8

My husband and I went to the doctors office at Teknon and we first saw our son. I must say we were with tears in our eyes but i should say you don´t really SEE anything :) its just a cute ball you know that will become your son.

When talking to the doctor we were hapily saying well we do not belong to any risk group for down sindrome or anything and ... the doctor inturrupted us and told us.
"That isn´t really like that, even though you are young (we were both 28 at the time) the probability of having a baby with down sindrome or any other illnes is very high. In fact the last case I had was of a couple younger than you without any history of the sindome in their famiies. I must say I would recommend doing either the corion Biopsy or the amnioscentesis. Of course there is a risk of abortion."

This was the doctor way of congratulating us for becoming parents. We left the office in shock with a huge question bouncing in our heads...

A very expected baby

My husband and I have been married 5 years now and we decided it is time we try and have a baby. We are both very excited with the idea but also worried cause things aren´t going specially well here in spain.

To our dear baby

This will be a transcription of experiencies from my pregnancy diary for all of you having a baby. I want to share my exerience with you and also re live tha beautiful but also scary process of becoming a mom.

Recomended books!