Thursday, January 21, 2010



As an architect a tend to plan everything, unfortunately (or fortunately I should say)later on you´ll see that sometimes life teaches you that we have a greater planner above us...

I had chosen my ginecologist at Teknon, I had gone though a complete check up, was on prenatal vitamins, I was ovulating and we were both very happy doing our homework...

After 4 pregnancy test taken days before I should have, the best news was here: we were finally expecting!! (on our first attempt!)

As soon as I knew this I called my doctor but she told me it was way too early for a
ecography. I would have to wait at least till 8 weeks pregnancy.

WeeK number 8

My husband and I went to the doctors office at Teknon and we first saw our son. I must say we were with tears in our eyes but i should say you don´t really SEE anything :) its just a cute ball you know that will become your son.

When talking to the doctor we were hapily saying well we do not belong to any risk group for down sindrome or anything and ... the doctor inturrupted us and told us.
"That isn´t really like that, even though you are young (we were both 28 at the time) the probability of having a baby with down sindrome or any other illnes is very high. In fact the last case I had was of a couple younger than you without any history of the sindome in their famiies. I must say I would recommend doing either the corion Biopsy or the amnioscentesis. Of course there is a risk of abortion."

This was the doctor way of congratulating us for becoming parents. We left the office in shock with a huge question bouncing in our heads...

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