Thursday, May 27, 2010


I´m keeping up with my diet and going steady. I think I´m on the right way. Still have to start excersising, the only thing I did was some tennis last weekend....
About this... I got a couple books and really there are some moms out there with very crazy ideas. Using your baby as a weight!!! Gosh my baby did NOT like the idea. Not even for the first try!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


This is my fourth week in my weight loss plan. I must say I believe I starting to get stuck... This week I haven´t loss not even 1 pound...I think its time to add some exercise to my plan... Hope it will work better!!!


Baby ICU and incubators

The experience is quite stressful. You are though with the final sprint and hard work and you cannot hold your baby right away…They need special cares and it the best for our babies but it is hard. Nowadays the tendency is to let the parents have much more contact with their babies since its being proven that babies evolve much better, they gain weight and eventually the discharge is much sooner.
All the machines are intimidating all the procedures, which depend on the hospital, are also very frightening.
My baby was born in 37 of my pregnancy so technically he was not a premature baby. But his weight was also in the line, in fact this was the reason why doctors decided to induce labour since I was having an CIR. In other words,the placenta was no longer feeding my baby as it should. So, back to incubator, when he was born he was taken almost directly, after a very short greeting to the ICU, were he was put into one of the incubators.
After labour, and expulsing the placenta doctors checked everything was ok with me and gave just a couple stitches to the small epistomy they made. They finally let me go back to my empty room where I did not have my baby. My husband followed the baby and went into the ICU and spent some minutes with him and then came with me to my room. He told me that apparently everything was fine and that if I was going to be able to see him I should be prepared because I was going to be impressed.
Then the nurse came into my room and game another great news…”if you cannot walk to the ICU, you will not be able to see your baby until tomorrow” of course my legs were numb from the epidural and as you can imagine was very difficult, only an hour had gone by since giving birth. Strength came from within and I walked to the bathroom, and then I told the nurse I was ready to see my baby.
First a very hard hygiene protocol, putting on a sterilised robe, hat and sleepers, then you were allowed to go towards a sink were you had to clean your hands and arms with special soap and finally you were allowed to go to the place were babies were but first you would have to put on some alcohol gel on your hands. Yes, my husband was right; it is shocking to see your newborn with cables all over. You realize how tiny we are and that all that crap of how he will look like doesn’t really mean a darn thing.
The nurses in the ICU told me that I could hold my baby. So tiny, so helpless, holding your baby with all those cables around, with so many people around, with those electronic noises, is something I do not wish anyone to go though.
The time they allowed you to be with your son was of only 1 hour and a half. Nothing!
Of course this is something that depends exclusively on each hospital. Then they asked you to leave and they checked each baby and let them sleep.
So every three hours the same routine robe, hat, sleepers, hand wash, alcohol, baby, and out. If you do the calculation you can imagine you practically have no time for anything not even sleeping. I had my room right next to the ICU but there were some parents that came from home… obviously they did not come every three ours. These were cases of very premature babies that had to be hospitalized up to three or four months and the mothers were already discharged.
My breasts were about to explode I wanted to breastfeed my son and it was hard to do so in these conditions. Anyway I got a lot of help from the nurses in the ICU and with the aid of a breast pump I started doing so. The second day some of the cables from the machines connected to my baby were taken off and only left some others and we were able to dress our baby with some of his clothes. Until then he was wearing only his super tiny diapers.
Another unpleasant surprise came along the third day. The nurse said that since our baby had not pooped they would have to do a test to his stomach to see the reason for this. Again we were forbidden to hold him for a couple hours. Tears rolled down my face as I prayed for everything to be ok. Thanks God it was.
Three days had gone by and since I was ok the hospital wanted to discharge me again a new drama came along for us. I couldn’t even imagine going home without my baby. THAT WAS OUT OF THE QUESTION. The solution they gave me was either go to a hotel a couple blocks away or pay an extra for my stay at the hospital.
As everything developed fine we were allowed to give him a “bath” if you can call it that way. We washed his hair in a sink of the ICU. The rest of the days went by. First all cables were taken off then he was allowed to sleep in a normal cradle of the ICU. Finally one day the doctor

So my experience with the baby ICU and incubators lasted, thanks God, only a week.


For children weighing 30 - 100 lbs. For ages 3-12 years and height of 59 inches or less
This innovative child seat offers the latest safety protection like energy-absorbing EPS foam, deep side wings and an excellent fit for children weighing 30-100 pounds and 3-12 years of age. Due to its outstanding versatility, it provides the perfect platform on which to watch your child grow. With its height-adjustability it offers optimum safety for toddlers and young children.
My experience:
The seat is quite good we are trying it right now with a one year old and he is really happy with it. I guess he is very comfortable, the washable trim is important but to be honest I haven´t washed it yeat so I can´t say if it Is easy or not to take it off and put it back on. The only down side to this chair is that the clip is quite hard to clip but I must say I´ve tryed a couple of seats and is something that happens almost with all of them.


Everybody talks about the gorgeous adventure of being pregnant, the “terrible labour” but no one really tells you that all this is just the begging. We are today in a globalized world were everything goes to fast and women are now supposed to do it all. So you are expected to work until the last day give birth and go back to your work as if you had flu. But hey there’s a new stranger at home willing to be with you and you had to cope with the “advances” of modern life plus the reality you are now a MOM. Yeah, great I have a career but I’m not super woman!!!

Mother Nature is really smart and gives you almost 10 months of transition, but we are so involved in our busy days that we do not realise what we are getting into. Until you find yourself alone with your baby at home with your body still aching and your husband already working in the office showing pictures of you and your wonderful baby. Don’t get me wrong I believe women are privileged; the only thing I think is that society is now asking for way too much. That’s were I find myself right now…struggling. A one year old, a carrier as an architect and a husband that is adapting to this new life as a real family.

Recomended books!