Thursday, January 21, 2010


We finally went though all the posibilities in our heads and we reached the conclution that whatever we decided later on it was better being prepared.

We decided to do the test. We scheduled the test and prepared the money, cause of course this was an extra charge. 950 euros to put in risk your baby. The bright side: if everything goes fine you can relax the rest of the pregnancy and above you get to know really soon the sex of the baby.

I haven´t told anybody at my office about my pregnancy and after the test I had to stay in bed for at least four days. We scheduled the test for a Wednesday and missed to go to work for 2 days. I told my boss I was "ill".


My husband came with me and stayed though the whole thing. It was really quick and almost painless. The previous days I tryied to find out in you tube and didn´t really get much information.

Dr Delgado did the test and he only took around 10 minute for all of it. (I´m considering undressing also)It´s really much more what goes though in your mind and the responsability you feel than anything else. Its quite stressfull to think your future child is in risk ...

When I left the office the doctor told me to check I had no deep bleeding (some small stains are normal) or temperature.In seven days tops I would receive a call indicating theresults.

Thank God 4 days went by and everything was in orther. Now I had to wait for THE PHONE CALL.

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