Friday, May 14, 2010


For children weighing 30 - 100 lbs. For ages 3-12 years and height of 59 inches or less
This innovative child seat offers the latest safety protection like energy-absorbing EPS foam, deep side wings and an excellent fit for children weighing 30-100 pounds and 3-12 years of age. Due to its outstanding versatility, it provides the perfect platform on which to watch your child grow. With its height-adjustability it offers optimum safety for toddlers and young children.
My experience:
The seat is quite good we are trying it right now with a one year old and he is really happy with it. I guess he is very comfortable, the washable trim is important but to be honest I haven´t washed it yeat so I can´t say if it Is easy or not to take it off and put it back on. The only down side to this chair is that the clip is quite hard to clip but I must say I´ve tryed a couple of seats and is something that happens almost with all of them.

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