Friday, May 14, 2010


Everybody talks about the gorgeous adventure of being pregnant, the “terrible labour” but no one really tells you that all this is just the begging. We are today in a globalized world were everything goes to fast and women are now supposed to do it all. So you are expected to work until the last day give birth and go back to your work as if you had flu. But hey there’s a new stranger at home willing to be with you and you had to cope with the “advances” of modern life plus the reality you are now a MOM. Yeah, great I have a career but I’m not super woman!!!

Mother Nature is really smart and gives you almost 10 months of transition, but we are so involved in our busy days that we do not realise what we are getting into. Until you find yourself alone with your baby at home with your body still aching and your husband already working in the office showing pictures of you and your wonderful baby. Don’t get me wrong I believe women are privileged; the only thing I think is that society is now asking for way too much. That’s were I find myself right now…struggling. A one year old, a carrier as an architect and a husband that is adapting to this new life as a real family.

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