Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There´s a lot published around about this... from diets, postures, etc to labs that guarantee the wished sex of the new baby. Well, since I already have a beautiful, HEALTHY, baby boy I´d love to have a girl. But Honestly what every mom really wants its to have her baby (whichever gender god decides) safely in her arms. Don´t you think so?

Still and even though I know it won´t change a thing my feelings towards a new baby that isn´t even near to be on it´s way, I think I ´m going to do my best to help luck.

First of all no matter what sex its important to take folic acid complement to guarantee a healthy baby. After that I´ve read that high calcium and magnesuim diets increase the chances of having a baby girl.Anyway I will check with my doctor so that it has no secondary effects on me or the future baby to come.

Last but not least I will follow the chineese gender prediction calendar. By the way I ´ve found different version of it ;) I´ve chosen the one that matches with my last baby. So if  it works I guess it should be the right one. I honestly do not believe much on it cause if it were for them there would be no baby girls at all!!!!

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