Monday, June 7, 2010


Recently I´ve read a lot on "mothering styles" and still the question keeps poping  up in my head.

I´m I spoiling him? I supose this is something most mothers must think one time or another. In my case in particular it was increased since he was born before he was suposed to. So eating time is ruled by him . Let me explain:

In the begining when I was breastfeeding I was indicated by the doctors to feed him strictly every three hours. If he was sleeping I had to wake him up. Unfortunately I only brestfed him for over four month. Know I know that I should have gotten more help and tryed it for at least a couple months more. I was almost all day long with my breasts out either feeding my baby or with the breast pump to increase the amount of milk. It was really stresfull and ended up with almost no milk at all so the pediatrician told me to switch to formula. Since he was almost five months all he also added some fruit and cereals to my baby´s diet. Still my baby was a little under weight so I did whatever it took for him to eat. My husband and I became circus clowns!So now with a year and three month he knows he is in charge when it comes to food.How can we change that?

On the other hand I think we must have done SOMETHING right since he is a very bright lovely healthy baby. He smiles all the time and he is way too smart.Sometimes we are surprised by him it looks as if he can analyse things deeply. From the time he was 10 he could walk on his own, with no help at all, no grabing to anything no nothing, I ´ve read somewhere that besides being mature enough babeis must feel safe and self assured parents have a key importance there. He is also able to communicate very well and understands 2 langages. He dances and plays football, well I guess if he was able to develop all this in sucha a short time I must be dong something right.

I´ll keep looking for my mothering style.

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