Friday, April 30, 2010

REVIEW_Quinny Buzz 4

Nice but big and heavy

First days without my baby I though it was great- it was big enought, the cot was used for sleeping during the day on the lower floor and it was steady and nice. I took me some time to learn how to close the shade, but when we learned - was fine.
Once we got our baby home and I started to really use it I realised it was way too heavy for me. It has  very poor storage and it is also almost on the ground, so if you are picky like me you will not want your baby stuff rolling almost against the floor...The rain cover is uncomfotable, it a separate piece and there is no room to even store it on buggie when it's not raining.

- too big for buses ,for some european elevators and some shops.

-going on stair case is aweful! dont ask anyone to help you - if you do - they will hate you eventually!

-the footmuf is great

-The shade is almost nothing, buy some sun glasses for your baby.
-handle really great - you can fit it to your hight.

- great and easy to use with the maxicossi.
-if you like to walk from place to place- thank to the big wheels the baby doesn't feel all the bumps on the way, but if you have a car - it's too big for the trunk - you will have to do your shopping some other time.

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